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The Story behind WinYourDay

25 years ago, while studying abroad in the USA, I saw a television infomercial with an insane guy standing in front of a private jet, talking about his book “Awaken The Giant Within“. That guy was Tony Robbins. It was the beginning of my journey in personal growth and self mastery. Since then I read over 500 books, attended dozens of seminars, and got coaching from some of the world’s most successful people. I became obsessed with understanding what makes people successful… and fulfilled. And I became an entrepreneur myself and started several million-dollar companies. I am very grateful to Tony and all the great people that have inspired me, in particular Alberto Villoldo, Benjamin Hardy, Dave Asprey, Eric Edmeades, James Rouse, Joe Dispenza, John Demartini, Keith Cunningham, Peter Sage, Richard Bandler, and Robin Sharma.

Now I want to give back and share with YOU what I have learned so far. This website is dedicated to providing you with the best resources on personal growth. My purpose is to help 1 million people reach a higher level of consciousness and make our world a happier place along the way. Stay tuned as I will add new content on a regular basis.