The Leading 500 Personal Development Experts

Who are the world’s most influential people on personal growth and self improvement? Here is a ranking based on the popularity (Alexa rank) of their main website, their number of Facebook Likes, the number of followers they have on Twitter, and the number of ratings that all their books combined have on Goodreads. — Last updated February 2019.

#1 Book
182 MoojiSpiritual teacher originally from Jamaica67Before I Am255,042 379,40373520,

36 SadhguruJaggi Vasudev, commonly known as Sadhguru by Isha yoga volunteers, is an Indian yogi, mystic and author.63Inner Engineering25,789 4,233,77111,1551,915,

198Abel JamesNYT bestselling author of The Wild Diet, biohacker, entrepreneur, musician, & health crusader.36The Wild Diet276,171 56,4801,18132,

76Adam GrantWharton professor, author and New York Times writer on work and psychology.39Give and Take623,378 100,83940,986216,

349Adam MarkelInternational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Attorney, Chief Executive Officer and Transformational LeaderPivot5,390,620 7,2102124,

354Adam SteltznerExplorer of the Solar System, student of human nature, engineer, writer & speaker.57The Right Kind of Crazy0 4,52941510,

269Adolph BrownAccomplished master teacher, CEO, author & humorist in high demand to give keynote commentaries on critical Education & Workplace issues. Real Talk: Lessons in Uncommon Sense: 2,787,318 158,82226143,

250Alan CohenBest-selling Author and Speaker71A Course in Miracles Made Easy3,559,506 16,7842,63819,

325Alan AbrahamsonSportswriter, bestselling author and in-demand television analyst.No Limits1,952,385 1581,4026,

168Alan WattsBritish philosopher, writer and speaker, who held both a Master's in Theology and a Doctorate of DivinityThe Way of Zen917,887 1,23658,278101,

228Albert EllisAuthor of a timeless self-help classic. A New Guide to Rational Living 697,719 20,9574,4223,

125Alberto VilloldoShaman, psychologist, medical anthropologist and author, writing primarily in the field of neo-shamanism.71Shaman, Healer, Sage248,662 93,7221,1195,

395Alden MillsLeadership advisor, author, entrepreneur, speaker, and former Navy SEAL.Be Unstoppable5,681,182 3841388,

175Alejandro JungerOpen-minded doctor, passionate about detox and cleansing.56Clean427,905 40,2716,82716,

374Alex LickermanPhysician and writerThe Undefeated Mind0 2,4497441,

329Alex MandossianCEO & Founder of Marketing Online, author, podcaster, laser-focused on your success.56Alexisms1,050,331 7,362794,

166Amy CuddyA social psychologist, speaker and author of the bestselling book Presence.i48Presence5,017,715 65,34310,16181,

225Amy PurdyAuthor, speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, fembot fashionista, globetrotter, inspiration seeker, snowboarder, Sochi Bronze Medalist, DWTS 18 runner up.41On My Own Two Feet3,633,805 152,81777269,

455Amy Elizabeth FoxChief Executive Officer at Mobius Executive Leadership and an expert in transformational leadership development.2,705,654

309Anat BanielFounder of the Anat Baniel Method® and NeuroMovement®Kids Beyond Limits640,248 11,8642811,

394Andres PortilloEntrepreneur and international speaker, master of the mind and the spiritPerversiones15,337,546 7,241519,

322Andrew NewbergBrain researcher.54Why God Won't Go Away2,442,770 5993,

102Angela DuckworthProfessor at the University of PA, founder of the Character Lab, author of Grit.50Grit326,713 32,04440,44853,

390Anita SanchezInternational leadership, organizational development consultant, trainer, speaker and coachThe Four Sacred Gifts14,075,780 7,478363,

369Ariane de BonvoisinWriter, speaker and change optimist48The First 30 Days8,381,995 6,9631412,

57Arianna HuffingtonGreek American author, syndicated columnist, businesswoman. Co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, now owned by AOL.70Thrive1,604,524 1,367,44621,6222,971,

255Arielle FordLeading personality in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement68The Soulmate Secret3,389,084 12,3791,50549,

384Arjuna ArdaghBestselling writer, public speaker and executive coach63The Translucent Revolution2,742,896 11,741420

136Aubrey MarcusFounder/CEO of ONNIT (supplements, holistic health). Host of Total Human Optimization podcast + Warrior Poet Project on happiness and consciousness.40Own the Day, Own Your Life340,826 223,2172,47192,

68Austin KleonArtist and bestselling author of three illustrated books.37Steal Like an Artist128,033 27,832162,06896,

271Barbara Oakley Ph.D.Author and Professor of Engineering at Oakland University65A Mind for Numbers409,884 9,5579,

130Barbara CorcoranShark Tank, entrepreneurs, motivation, business, real estate. Today Show, GMA.71Shark Tales1,199,580 474,2592,820707,

397Barnet BainAward-winning film producer and director whose movies include 'Milton’s Secret' (director)The Book of Doing and Being2,595,881 1,

278Barry MichelsInspiring you to live life in forward motionThe Tools2,283,705 7,7631,8945,

191Barry PosnerLeadership and management expert and co-author of The Leadership Challenge.71The Leadership Challenge 449,412 9,76413,5266,

37Bear GryllsBritish adventurer, writer and television presenter. Widely known for his television series Man vs. Wild.46Mud, Sweat and Tears 297,476 7,018,96318,3671,319,

351Belisa VranichRenowned clinical psychologist, public speaker, and author.54Breathe2,227,141 5,9402031,

155Ben GreenfieldProfessional athlete, nutritionist, biohacker, speaker, NYT Bestselling author & health/longevity/performance consultant39Beyond Training51,759 120,7581,25669,

346Ben SaundersApart from providing inspirational talks, Ben Saunders is a British polar explorer and endurance athlete. 37Do the Gods Wear Capes?3,667,600 6,1858218,

232Benjamin ZanderConductor, teacher and speaker.81L'univers de la possibilité1,897,186 14,3495,2557,

237Benjamin HardyNYT bestselling author of 'Willpower Doesn't Work'. #1 writer on PhD in organizational psychology.33Willpower Doesn't Work180,343 13,1001,09619,

360Bernard RothUsing design principles to lead a more satisfying and productive life87The Achievement Habit0 5562,2601,522

264Bernie SiegelPhysician, speaker and the author of books on holistic healing88Love, Medicine and Miracles 2,509,486 4,5726,3163,

457Bettie SpruillInternational coach, management consultant, entrepreneur, public speaker and writer0

260Bif NakedBeth Torbert is a Canadian singer-songwriter, actress, and motivational speaker best known by her stage name Bif Naked. 49I, Bificus 9,045,210 77,286313140,

307Bill HarrisPresident & Director of Centerpointe Research InstituteThresholds of the Mind 510,892 4,8777132,

40Bill GatesFounder of Microsoft and chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Richest person in the world with over $85 billion net worth.65Business @ The Speed of Thought29,994 19,655,0717,00746,384,

438Blaine BartlettCEO and President of Avatar Resources & author of #1 international best-seller Compassionate Capitalism:Compassionate Capitalism0

347Bo EasonNFL Player turned Playwright, Screenwriter, Actor and Speaker59Pebbles in the Pond (Wave Two)2,394,510 28,03169,

171Bob ProctorWidely considered one of the greatest speakers in the world on the topic of getting rich. 86You Were Born Rich0 1,075,0152,624181,

404Bobbi DePorterPresident of Quantum Learning Network (QLN), producing Quantum Learning Education and SuperCamp programsQuantum Learning13,760,030

220Bodo SchäferGerman writer, millionaire, businessman and speaker. Practitioner in the field of time management and financial management.60Der Weg zur finanziellen Freiheit528,260 127,1861,3202,

204Brendan BrazierFormer professional Ironman triathlete / bestselling author / Vega formulator46Thrive3,869,486 55,9705,50031,

52Brendon BurchardAmerican author on motivation, high performance, and online marketing.43The Motivation Manifesto106,918 5,243,70911,69380,

10Brené BrownResearcher. Storyteller. Texan.55Daring Greatly131,113 1,393,654279,020546,

211Brian JohnsonAvid reader of books and creator of PhilosophersNotes (book summaries) + Optimal Living 101 + en*theos.46A Philosopher's Notes112,169 103,03049217,

434Brian RoseFounder & Host of London Real podcast as well as Silicon Real talk show (about London tech entrepreneurs).50------9,505,800 5,2577,

14Brian TracyConsulted for >1k companies, addressed >5 mio people in 5k talks and seminars. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses >250k people each year.77Eat That Frog!42,239 1,839,72878,339431,

101Bruce LiptonInternationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit76The Biology of Belief295,679 300,07210,63643,

301Burt GoldmanAuthor of The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics93Quantum Jumping2,998,086 113,8521362,

56Byron KatieThe end of the war with the mind is the end of war.78Loving What Is214,290 522,00620,540156,

135Caldwell EsselstynDoctor focused on prevention and reversal of heart disease87Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease 737,641 105,4758,77253,

327Caleb MaddixFounder of the motivational brand Kids4Success.19Keys To Success For Kids210,233236,

436Carl StudnaWorld-renowned photographer, inspirational speaker, teacher and authorClick!11,604,696

417Carter PhippsAuthor of Evolutionaries; Unlocking The Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science's Greatest IdeaEvolutionaries0 3151551,

214Casey NeistatAmerican YouTube personality, filmmaker, vlogger and co-founder of the multimedia company Beme39New York Bike Style584,985 924,86291,946,

249Chade-Meng TanRetired Jolly Good Fellow of Google. New York Times bestselling author. Co-chair of campaign nominated 8 times for Nobel Peace Prize.49Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (And World Peace)4,020,698 9,6606,24712,

146Chalene JohnsonAmerican fitness authority, choreographer, NYT best-selling author, entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, motivational speaker, The Chalene Show podcast.52PUSH289,599 1,012,601748103,

79Charles DuhiggNew York Times reporter and author46The Power of Habit427,146 28,966252,53046,

473Cherie ClarkInternationally recognized as a leader in Correctional Education and Treatment Programs and an expert in Synergetics13,193,593

445Cheryl EspositoFounder and CEO of Alexsa Consulting. Internationally recognized for coachingIn the Spirit of Leadership6,553,570

253Chet HolmesCorporate trainer, strategic consultant, motivational expert, and lecturer.The Ultimate Sales Machine2,352,412 5,9206,4107,

342Chris AttwoodCo-author of New York Times bestsellersThe Passion Test814,415 4138771,

113Chris GardnerInspirational speaker addressing the keys to overcoming obstacles and breaking cycles. Also a passionate philanthropist.67The Pursuit of Happyness 1,317,974 222,45421,50423,

69Chris GuillebeauAuthor who has visited every country in the world.42The $100 Startup245,812 102,78356,372144,

47Chris HadfieldCanadian Astronaut, back on Earth after living aboard ISS as Commander of Expedition 35.61An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth 1,840,070 942,10839,6562,397,

470Chris LamFounder, President and CEO of InVision Group5,413,119

186Chris WidenerAmerican author and motivational speaker. Widener has written several books on motivation and business. 54The Art of Influence3,848,156 154,7052,503123,

42Chris AndersonHead of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). Dreamer. Most days an optimist.64TED Talks1,136 106,36444,1271,619,

408Christie Marie SheldonAuthor, Intuitive Life Coach, and Transformation Expert722,942 8,1652,

96Christopher McDougallAuthor of national best sellers Natural Born Heroes and Born to Run.59Born to Run1,708,947 50,991147,04238,

319Christy WhitmanTransformational Leader, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Art of Having It All & Personal Empowerment Law of Attraction Life CoachTaming Your Alpha Bitch460,700 5,3001705,

313Chunyi LinCertified international Qigong Master and founder of Spring Forest QigongBorn A Healer537,808 44,

435Cindy ErtmanDynamic speaker, author and success strategist, CEO and Founder of the Defining Difference0 27,

406Claire ZammitFeminine Power Igniter, Evolutionary, Teacher, Writer, Speaker, Friend, Passionate Learner & Co-Creator5,202,406 37,6663,

73Colin CampbellAmerican biochemist who specializes in the effect of nutrition on long-term health.86The China Study146,552 164,70136,58837,

416Colin SprakeEntrepreneurial Keynote Speaker & TrainerEntrepreneur Success Recipe7,633,444 1,110232,

437Cynthia KerseyLeading performance and productivity expert, author, speaker, national columnist, team coach and philanthropist.Unstoppable19,676,414

230Daisaku IkedaBuddhist philosopher, peacebuilder, and educator.93Unlocking the Mysteries of Birth Death832,891 22,0085,1182,

2Dalai LamaHis Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, as well as a bestselling author and frequent speaker.85The Art of Happiness136,378 13,937,087212,84419,000,

21Dale CarnegieWriter, lecturer and developer of famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking, and interpersonal skills.How to Win Friends and Influence People
113,941 552,599511,763118,

184Dallas HartwigFunctional medicine practitioner, writer, speaker.It Starts with Food3,498,141 12,27634,0686,

345Dan ClarkProfessional motivational speaker, author, and CEO of Clark Success Systems. 65The Art of Significance11,067,958 13,3683951,

167Dan LokMulti-millionaire, entrepreneur, best-selling author. Immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong. World-leading expert in internet marketing. Nickname “Millionaire Mentor”41F.U. Money154,611 1,584,14670312,

99Dan MillmanFormer world-champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor. Author of 13 books.75Way of the Peaceful Warrior1,089,789 107,04760,08027,

285Dan PeñaAmerican businessman and high-performance business coach. He resides at Guthrie Castle in Scotland and is known for his tough language.75QLA's 50 Billion Dollar Man165,153 22,2123716,

57Dan PinkAuthor of several bestselling books about business, work, and behavior.56Drive362,281 56,754129,625417,

80Dan SiegelNeuropsychiatrist, Mindsight Educator, Interpersonal Neurobiologist.63The Whole-Brain Child430,481 130,92843,76247,

180Dani JohnsonHomeless to Millions. Author-Int'l Speaker-TV/Radio Host. Seen on Oprah, Secret Millionaire, The View, GMA, Forbes. 5 kids/7 grandkids.55First Steps to Wealth668,784 604,87185624,

92Daniel Amen, M.D.Physician, double board certified psychiatrist & 9-time NYT bestselling author.66Change Your Brain, Change Your Life1,151,135 326,86020,38086,

188Daniel CoyleBestselling author of books on talent and success.iThe Talent Code8,423,805 8,64538,48620,

53Daniel GolemanPsychologist and bestselling author74Emotional Intelligence390,309 148,032120,217106,

387Daniel HarkavyAuthor, Executive Coach and CEO of Building Champions, Inc.Becoming a Coaching Leader1,862,155 5501032,

475Daniel LapinA South African-born American Orthodox rabbi, author, and public speaker who heads the "American Alliance of Jews and Christians".740 00#

233Danny PenmanFinding peace in a frantic world.The Art of Breathing1,333,436 5,6193,311111,

43Darren HardySuccess mentor to CEOs and high-performance achievers. Former editor of SUCCESS Magazine.50The Compound Effect47,364 705,09118,101246,

326Dave MeltzerCEO of Sports 1 Marketing, a firm he co-founded with Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren MoonConnected to Goodness2,583,469 49,288217,

77Dave AspreyBiohacker, entrepreneur, businessman and author who plans to live till the age of 180 years old. Founder of "Bulletproof", and chairman of the Silicon Valley Health Institute.47The Bulletproof Diet15,186 396,5776,290329,

6Dave RamseyAuthor of 7 national best sellers on finance. Host of the RamseyShow.60The Total Money Makeover16,252 4,105,046102,245874,

74David AllenOriginator of GTD (Getting Things Done)55Getting Things Done156,366 13,389110,7181,027,

196David BurnsAuthor of Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy. Developer of T.E.A.M. Therapy78Feeling Good665,423 7,02827,7781,

334David EmeraldTeaches "a positive approach to life's challenges" - TED: The Empowerment Dynamic66The Power of TED 2,421,550 2,9877143,

108David GogginsRetired Navy SEAL & Endurance Athlete46Can't Hurt Me237,793 238,1627,015104,

219David LudwigPhysician, Nutrition Researcher, and Public Health Advocate.
63Always Hungry?1,048,036 31,1572,45920,

60David PerlmutterNeurologist specializing in gluten issues and preventing degenerative disorders.66Grain Brain138,959 414,09823,32355,

423David WagneHair stylist, artist, entrepreneur, educator, author & innovatorLife As a Daymaker0

458David WoodPersonal and business coach, and a founder of the International Coach Academy19,936,540

133David BachAmerican financial author, television personality, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and founder of Automatic Millionaire982,045 48,37325,09216,

453David BuckCEO of CoachVille, a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)59724,229 0586

240David HawkinsAuthority within the fields of consciousness research and spirituality, experienced clinician, scientist, and mysticPower vs. Force16,715,411 22,65513,1843,015

283David SchwartzProfessor, Life strategist, and a WriterThe Magic of Thinking Big0 29553,37514#

425David TS WoodHost of the The Kickass Life Podcast. He is a Business Leader, Author, Trainer, Coach and Humanitarian4,992,296 11,0814,

451Dawa PhillipsFounder/CEO of Empowerment Holdings, the co-founder of the Mindful Leadership Online Training ConferenceMind Your Business0 3,

357Dawson ChurchAward-winning author and founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare64The Genie in Your Genes2,257,172 2,

126Daymond JohnBest know for his role in Shark Tank. Also investor, motivational speaker and founder of the FUBU brand.52The Power of Broke 974,551 598,0022,653654,

118Dean KarnazesInternationally recognized endurance athlete and NY Times bestselling author.58Ultramarathon Man2,011,308 134,47821,82950,

174Dean GraziosiAuthor, Investor, Entrepreneur, and Trainer52Millionaire Success Habits376,231 1,543,36685411,

147Debbie FordSelf-help author & coachThe Dark Side of the Light Chasers2,572,469 109,30810,31569,

386Deborah RozmanCofounder, President, and Co-CEO of HeartMathHeart Intelligence229,177

403Debra PonemanFounder Yes to Success Seminars, professional speaker, best-selling author, evolutionary entrepreneur, mom extraordinaire35Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul17,799,420 1,

4Deepak ChopraIndian-American author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate, and a prominent figure in the New Age movement.73The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success49,555 2,268,660142,0583,277,

363Deirdre HadeSpiritual Teacher, Master Healer, Mystic and Visionary Leader in the ancient arts of the wisdom traditionsThe (Not So) Little Book of Surprises2,955,681 36,677121,

361Delatorro McNeal IIInternationally renowned peak performance expert, keynote speaker and best selling author, 43Caught Between A Dream and A Job 6,954,361 9,0724212,

274Denis WaitleyExpert on high performance human achievement87The Psychology of Winning 8,952,731 45,8432,2041,

377Dewitt JonesOne of America’s top professional photographers. Also one of the nation’s most sought–after keynote speakers.77iPhone Art in My Life13,636,387 7,075783,

475Dianne MorrisonWorked in the field of Transformation for over 30 years0

314Dolf de RoosInternational real estate investor and a NYT/ WSJ bestselling author. He frequently conducts seminars in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe.63Real Estate Riches6,938,431 2,0354,0932,

462Don ArnoudseSerial entrepreneur, speaker/author, management consultant, and executive coach0

50Don Miguel RuizMexican author of Toltec spiritualist and neoshamanistic texts. His New Age work focuses on ancient teachings to achieve spiritual enlightenment.68The Four Agreements1,685,331 326,223195,61491,

276Donna EdenAuthor of Energy Medicine and teaching people how to work with the body's energy systems78Energy Medicine705,006 2,1673,6863,

466Donna SteinhornExecutive Coach. Event Producer. TEDxNavesink co-organizer 0 01,

415Doria CordovaCEO, Best-Selling Author, Global Business Developer, Sustainability Entrepreneur, Ambassador of New EducationMoney & You™0 3,37676,

157Dr. Drew PinskyBest known as Dr. Drew, is an American celebrity doctor who is a board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist, host of radio talk show Loveline.62Cracked766,290 105,2151,9002,803,

261Dr. James RouseThrivologist, naturopathic doctor, author, speaker, entrepreneur, athlete, committed to inspiring others to imagine and achieve vibrant, high-performance lives.57Think Eat Move Thrive4,781,101 14,848691,

97Dr. Joe DispenzaExpert on change, the brain, mind & human potential. Also chiropractor, researcher, lecturer and NYT bestselling author.59Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself99,584 287,9628,15353,

85Dr. Joseph MercolaOsteopathic physician, health activist and founder of the #1 natural health site66Fat for Fuel6,132 1,815,8732,384285,

32Dr. Mehmet OzCardiac Surgeon and Host of The Dr. Oz Show.60You52,131 6,003,50215,9594,124,

352Dr. Sue MorterInternational speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine and Quantum Field visionaryEmpowering Transformations for Women810,218 26,96661,

295Drew RamseyPsychiatrist, author, and farmer.50 Shades Of Kale1,913,631 7,9197408,

195Drew CanoleNutrition and fitness expert, transformation coach, spiritual gangster, author, host of Fitlife TV, CEO at Organifi.40Juicing Recipes For Vitality and Health366,138 691,03639619,

205Eben PaganEntrepreneur of tech and innovation, new business, online marketing, social media, marketing & strategy, personal growth. Aka dating coach David DeAngelo.49Double Your Dating387,748 181,6718808,

7Eckhart TolleGerman-born resident of Canada, best known as for The Power of Now and A New Earth. Listed as the most spiritually influential person in the world.73The Power of Now161,615 1,808,795330,670597,

216Eknath EaswaranTaught passage meditation and his eight-point program to audiences around the world.The Bhagavad Gita 913,133 10,50511,1572,

26Elizabeth GilbertAmerican author, essayist, short story writer, biographer, novelist, and memoirist.51Eat, Pray, Love791,539 1,708,0491,571,234236,

292Ellen LangerAuthor and Harvard Professor of Psychology - "the mother of mindfulness"73Mindfulness 2,911,309 3,1533,3563,

337Emily FletcherFounder of Ziva, the creator of The Ziva Technique and regarded as the leading expert in meditation for high performanceStress Less, Accomplish More501,480 6,943309,

429Eric BaileyOne of the world’s foremost speakers on motivation and vision60------0 20,4535,

280Eric GoodmanStrength coach, chiropractor and the creator of Foundation Training.Foundation442,568 24,

143Eric GreitensLeadership. Purpose. Innovation.46The Heart and the Fist0 383,57711,69888,

302Eric MaiselAmerica's foremost creativity coach.74 Fearless Creating 2,333,913 1,7243,5071,

385Eric EdmeadesAuthor. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. International Speaker. Kite Boarder. Fun Seeker.50INTOMBI - A Dog's Life7,306,668 10,53257,

111Esther PerelBelgian psychotherapist notable for exploring the tension between the need for security and the need for freedom in human relationships.62Mating in Captivity301,865 124,97413,79864,

39Esther HicksAmerican inspirational speaker and author. She has co-written 9 books and presented numerous workshops on the law of attraction with Abraham Hicks.73Ask and It Is Given270,022 602,92866,74784,

221Evan CarmichaelCanadian entrepreneur who runs and a popular Youtube channel to solve the problem of untapped human potential.Your One Word334,545 35,500319215,

244Farrah GrayAmerican businessman, investor, author, columnist, and motivational speaker. 36Reallionaire 14,606,399 331,246241219,

165Frank LipmanInternationally recognized expert in Integrative and Functional Medicine.66The New Health Rules159,240 55,5582,06770,

465Fred JohnsonAccomplished writer, vocalist, and percussionist and is recognized as one of the world’s greatest jazz singers0 1640#

431Gabriel NossovitchTransformational Tour Guide. Coach. Satoris, non-duality, integral life, evolution of consciousness and personal growth0 10,2817,

127Gabrielle BernsteinAmerican motivational speaker, life coach, and author. Bernstein teaches primarily from the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles.41The Universe Has Your Back163,255 340,7658,1754,

317Gary HamelOne of the world’s most influential and iconoclastic business thinkers. 67Competing for the Future 5,301,941 5,04229,

116Gary KellerAuthor of The ONE Thing - Achieve extraordinary results today!63The One Thing303,118 64,31932,9106,

149Gary TaubesJournalist, author, and co-founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative64Why We Get Fat1,850,152 9,66030,86573,

31Gary ChapmanRelationship counselor83The Five Love Languages43,934 220,452283,52657,

19Gary VaynerchukEntrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality. 45Crush It!51,907 2,965,31245,8981,808,

203Gay HendricksOwner of The Hendricks Institute75The Big Leap2,187,298 10,18514,02317,

458Genpo RoshiZen teacher and Priest in both the Soto and Rinzai schools of Zen Buddhism76Big Mind3,428,899

273Geoff Colvin"Rethink leadership, achievement, & human possibility."67Talent is Overrated3,800,685 27415,8904,

378George MumfordNewton-based mindfulness teacher for athletes69The Mindful Athlete18,106,260 1,6047121,

150Georges St-PierreProfessional mixed martial artist and UFC world champion.39The Way of the Fight 4,001,221 4,156,9751,0871,964,

391Goerge ZaluckiMulti-level network marketing (ACN) expert. Also one of the best personal development trainers in the world, teaching about human achievement.83Network Marketing Straight Talk9,524,532 14,069141,

401GP WalshFounder of Inner Reconciliation. Spiritual Teacher, Speaker and AuthorThe Tao of Allowing1,361,055 83945,

35Grant CardoneBest-selling author of 7 books & 12 business programs. CEO of Cardone RealEstate with $500m in assets. Creator of MyGCTV.com62The 10X Rule67,030 6,020,23215,831371,

89Gregg BradenNew York Times best selling author and internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality.66The Divine Matrix682,341 848,48510,010116,

29Gretchen RubinAdventures in pursuit of happiness & good habits on her HappierPodcast & NYT bestselling books.55The Happiness Project96,021 244,303170,269140,

456Guillermo PazSuccessful entrepreneur, meditation teacher and energy healer with a new life questShine Your Light0

475Guy StickneyFounder and CEO of WizardryEvents0 00#

98Hal ElrodWaking people up to their full potential.41The Miracle Morning352,713 79,12429,62632,

86Henry CloudAmerican Christian self help author.65Boundaries2,875,837 165,37270,06881,

296Herbert BensonA pioneer in Mind-Body Medicine.85 The Relaxation Response3,294,212 3,1762,4166,

335Howard MartinOne of the original leaders who helped Doc Children found HeartMathThe HeartMath Solution228,948 048624,

263Isaiah HankelInternationally recognized speaker and author.39Black Hole Focus456,997 44,0763185,

268Ivan MisnerFounder & Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization64Networking Like a Pro1,091,618 103,0146826,

54Iyanla VanzantAmerican inspirational speaker, lawyer, New Thought spiritual teacher, author, life coach and television personality.67One Day My Soul Just Opened Up2,850,034 2,880,65726,7501,979,

11Jack CanfieldAmerican author, motivational speaker, seminar leader, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur.76 Chicken Soup for the Soul111,788 1,120,671166,8381,221,

105James AltucherWriter, successful entrepreneur, chess master, and investor53Choose Yourself122,775 365,09517,4372,

410James HardtPresident and founder of The Biocybernaut Institute and currently has over 30 years of work in the biofeedback fieldThe Art of Smart Thinking1,769,999 1,

464James RedmondHas been producing and distributing videos on spiritual topics for over 20 years0 02,

287James MalinchakRecognized as one of the most requested, business and motivational keynote speakers and marketing consultants in the world. How I Became a Big Money Speaker and How You Can Too!9,931,356 91,8267061,

328James SwanwickAustralian-American investor and TV & podcast host, creator of the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge.46The 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge4,523,576 14,02612410,

439Jane (JC) Willhite President and Chairman of the board of PSI SeminarsYour Dream Machine2,727,500

277Janet Bray AttwoodCo-authored with Chris Attwood, The Passion Test & received the highest award for service from the President of the United StatesThe Passion Test814,415 10,0979065,

320Jason SelkSt. Louis Cardinals Mental Training Director | Owner of Enhanced PerformanceExecutive Toughness4,214,815 1,3041,6239,

413Jason SilvaVenezuelan American television personality, filmmaker, and keynote speaker393,743,757 2,167167,

162Jason CalacanisAmerican Internet entrepreneur, angel investor, author and blogger50Angel159,345 108,110925298,

170Jay PapasanAuthors of The ONE Thing - Achieve extraordinary results today!HOLD6,290,462 18,25332,27232,

144Jay AbrahamWorld's Leading Marketing Authority.72Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got247,050 42,8396,92671,

247Jay ShettyAward Winning Host & Storyteller & #1 Health Podcast on iTunes ON Purpose33163,954 20,420,253123,

176Jeff OlsonAuthor and speak devoted to personal development.62The Slight Edge4,373,662 64,68714,17419,

159Jeff GoinsAuthor, Blogger, Speaker37You Are A Writer104,387 74,6281,67387,

114Jeffrey GitomerAmerican author, professional speaker, and business trainer, who writes and lectures on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development. 75Little Red Book of Selling535,761 61,13916,713109,

440Jeffrey AllenEnergy healer, spiritual teacher, and author of Duality Energy Training from Mindvalley Academy.51------1,844,206 3,

362Jennifer McLeanInternationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker, Edge Pusher, and Transformational Change AgentThe Business Procrastination Buster5,899,763 7,2421453,

447Jens CorssenGerman behavioral therapist, author, speaker, with more than 40 years of experience as a psychologist, conflict advisor and mentor.78Der Selbst-Entwickler5,429,424

356Jim AfremowLeading mental performance consultant and the author of The Champion's Mind.The Champion's Mind0 1,23392,

405Jim KouzesCo-author of The Leadership Challenge and other books on leadership.75Refractive Thinker446,595 514,

304Jim KwikFounder of Kwik Learning and a world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning47301,168 80,125378,

449Jim SelmanRecognized innovator, leader and authority in the field of organizational transformation and sustainable culture change79The Freeway Guide to Retiring Right0

61Jim RohnAmerican entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. Mentor of Tony Robbins and Darren Hardy.The Art of Exceptional Living215,319 1,687,58010,606235,

160JJ VirginCelebrity nutritionist & fitness expert. NY Times best seller for The Virgin Diet & Sugar Impact Diet. 57The Virgin Diet263,391 168,3462,31122,

475Joan EmeryVice president of Belvedere Consultants, a boutique-consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area
128Jocko WillinkRetired military officer, author of the NYT#1 bestseller, host of JOCKO PODCAST, and co-founder of Echelon Front.49Extreme Ownership160,83825,450273,

190Joe ManganielloAuthor, Director, Producer, Actor & One of Men's Health's 100 Fittest Men of All Time.44Evolution8,323,086 601,910898551,

110Joe VitaleAuthor, speaker, musician, movie star, Law of Attraction expert, Miracles Coach, Hypnotic. Nickname "Mr. Fire".67Zero Limits669,544 261,0508,885148,

254Joe DeSenaCEO and co-founder of Death Race and Spartan Race. Author and host of Spartan UP! podcast.52Spartan UP!36,584 2,3931,9936,

299Joe PolishFounder of Genius Network and GeniusX, President of Piranha Marketing Inc, Creator of GeniusNetwork.comPiranha Marketing1,920,245 34,2394531,

239Joe RoganStandup comedian, UFC commentator, former host of NBC's Fear Factor, and now host of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.53112,448 2,260,0005,200,

66Joel FuhrmanDoctor focused on prevention and reversal of disease through nutrition.67Eat to Live126,750 253,04523,29366,

256Joel BrownAustralian entrepreneur, motivational speaker & coach who has inspired over 50 million people online through his Addicted2Success program.33------52,347 951,625102,

286John DurantAuthor, entrepreneur, venture investor, and professional caveman.The Paleo Manifesto4,706,821 6,7621,40616,

59John GottmanRenowned for his work on marital stability and divorce prediction.78The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work83,943 458,68623,29333,

63John GrayAmerican relationship counselor, lecturer and author69Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus314,280 206,494161,15913,

215John RateyShrink on the move getting people moving72Spark4,340,878 7,97822,2195,

246John RobbinsBestselling author, social activist, and humanitarian.73The Food Revolution4,163,438 6,50911,7964,

142John AssarafSerial entrepreneur, brain researcher, and CEO of NeuroGym. Real estate, Internet software, brain research and life and business coaching and consulting.60The Answer972,082 803,8311,508124,

12John C. MaxwellBestselling author & speaker on leadership. Christian. Blogger. Trainer. Coach. Everything rises & falls on leadership.74The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership221,237 2,791,411146,2992,547,

88John DemartiniAuthor, Leadership and Performance Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Founder of the Demartini Institute66Breakthrough Experience501,226 299,4401,17927,

323Johnny WimbreyPersonal development coach known for his books and teachings about self-improvement.46From the Hood to Doing Good 2,454,506 40,2031227,

164Jonathan FieldsMaker, author, entrepreneur, community builder. Fueled by possibility and dark chocolate. Founder of Good Life ProjectUncertainty381,138 57,0463,00360,

49Jordan BelfortAmerican motivational speaker, author, and former stockbroker. Best known for his life story which has been turned into the movie The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio.58The Wolf of Wall Street 240,273 441,48330,616177,

336José SilvaAmerican self-taught parapsychologist and author of the "Silva Method" and the "Silva UltraMind ESP System"The Silva Mind Control Method1,022,583 6891,

318Joshua RamoVice chairman & co-CEO of Kissinger Associates.52The Seventh Sense6,4312,1363,

209Joshua RosenthalFounder and Director of Integrative NutritionIntegrative Nutrition162,043 30,7411,10522,

200JP SearsLife coach, internet comedian, YouTuber, and author.39How to Be Ultra Spiritual663,863 2,265,48522517,

154Judith OrloffAmerican board-certified psychiatrist, empath, and author of multiple books.69The Empath's Survival Guide176,489 39,2785,53844,

93Julia CameronAward-winning poet, playwright, and filmmaker.73The Artist's Way 593,403 60,857106,97319,

308Jürgen HöllerGerman motivational speaker and trainer. Went to prison in 2003 for intentional insolvancy. Recently made his comeback.57Und Immer Wieder Aufstehen!603,887 129,

192Katy BowmanBiomechanist and author of books on natural movement and adaptation to movement.45Move Your DNA432,991 51,1933,53512,

373Keith CunninghamSerial entrepreneur and authority on finance and business mastery. Key programs: 4-Day MBA, Keys to the Vault.70The Road Less Stupid2,205,402 2,762506,

251Kelly HowellBrain Whisperer, Author, Host of Theatre of the Mind Podcasts, Founder of Brain Sync.The Secret 385,814 21,52453028,

140Kelly McGonigalPsychologist and author of The Willpower Instinct, now embracing stressThe Willpower Instinct1,868,992 28,65323,68437,

84Ken RobinsonAuthor, Speaker, & Advisor on Education in the Arts71The Element692,529 139,72022,373393,

153Ken WilberAuthor, Philosopher, Thinker, Teacher72A Brief History of Everything 1,517,989 65,42126,0353,

64Ken BlanchardSpeaker, Leadership/Business Guru, and Author of over 50 books, including The One Minute Manager.81The One Minute Manager361,792 25,756475,326261,

372Ken DruckCoach, consultant, author and speaker dedicated to teaching/learning how we overcome life's challengesThe Real Rules of Life15,242,735 21,

388Ken HondaAuthor of more than 60 best-selling self-development books on lifework, life balance, wealth, and happiness.Tuổi 30 hoài bão3,729,562 32,

189Ken McElroy>$500 million dollars in real estate investments. Investor, Entrepreneur, Best-selling author of four books, Rich Dad Real Estate Advisor.The ABC's of Real Estate Investing829,890 46,8704,60522,

430Kenneth BaumBusiness trainer, speaker and leading sports psychologist.
The Mental

348Kevin AbdulrahmanKnown for his work with sales teams, mid to senior managers and sports teams.60 Minutes to Better Public Speaking6,278,260 80,

298Kevin RoseAmerican Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Revision3, Digg, Pownce, and Milk44526,983 116,3601,629,

132Kevin KellySenior Maverick at Wired, author of new bestseller book, The Inevitable. Also cool tool maven, Asiaholic, and True Film buff.68What Technology Wants77,950 8,64516,35570,

185Kristin NeffLeading expert on self-compassion54Self-Compassion297,501 28,3176,5057,

235Kute BlacksonLeading visionary in the field of personal developmentYou Are The One2,145,920 309,61326832,

411Lanny BasshamOlympic champion and mental coach74With Winning in Mind0 8431,

213Larry WingetSix-Time Bestselling Author, Speaker & TV personality. The Pitbull of Personal Development.68Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life6,964,328 71,0564,27626,

72Laura SchlessingerAmerican talk radio host, socially conservative commentator and author.74The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands695,237 1,719,48627,58724,

281Laurie HelgoeAuthor, speaker, consultant.60Introvert Power0 18,2183,8781,

137Leif BabinDecorated former Navy SEAL officer, author, and co-founder of Echelon Front.45Extreme Ownership650,414 18,97218,41558,

119Leo BabautaSimplicity blogger at & mnmlist.com47The Power of Less47,175 13,28114,275190,

366Leo GuraProfessional self-development junkie, life coach, video blogger, entrepreneur, and speaker97,189 21,2684,

134Les BrownAmerican motivational speaker, author, radio DJ, former television host, and former politician.76Live Your Dreams877,146 1,349,4281,640133,

90Lewis HowesNY Times, WSJ & USA Today Bestselling author. Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Former pro athlete & USA Team Handball player. Top 50 Podcast37The School of Greatness119,362 2,022,5442,814148,

294Lilou MacéFrench-American author, webTV host, video blogger, speaker and interviewer.43I Lost My Job and I Liked It522,150 28,992519,

324Linda LarsenMotivational speaker who will make you laugh as she makes her points across. The Everything Potluck Cookbook 6,323,626 5,9391,2161,

381Lisa GarrCreated The Aware Show, a transformational radio show about natural health, personal growth and spiritualityBecoming Aware1,596,757 696643,

467Lisa KalminPrincipal of WorldWorks, Inc. a transformational training company coaching the extraordinary!10,999,071

151Lisa NicholsMotivational speaker, media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people.54No Matter What!748,365 737,0491,228109,

432Lise JanelleHuman Potential Expert and founder of the Centre For Heart LivingConversation with the Heart16,264,013 1,

321Loral LangemeierMoney expert, sought after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and best-selling author of five books.55The Millionaire Maker6,028,028 6,69446520,

161Louise HayOne of the founders of the self-help movement.94You Can Heal Your Life232,329 087,288386,

288Lynne TwistGlobal activist, fundraiser, speaker, consultant, coach and author.The Soul of Money2,960,130 6,6551,8605,

156Lynne McTaggartAward-winning author of five books, including the international bestselling sensations The Field and The Intention Experiment70The Holographic Universe560,471 55,4427,97526,

67Magic JohnsonMotivational speaker and an entrepreneur who successfully inspired many with his strategies in investment and business.61Magic Johnson: My Life2,136,410 3,407,90615,6814,691,

51Malcolm GladwellJournalist, bestselling author, and speaker.57The Tipping Point6,380,305 309,5681,648,022583,

461Marc PletzerNLP Master-Trainer of the society of NLP and a bestselling author in GermanyEmotionale Intelligenz Das Trainingsbuch2,960,531

193Marci ShimoffThe Secret teacher, author of Happy For No Reason and Love For No Reason.63Happy for No Reason4,173,425 40,1287,53161,

350Marcia WiederDream University’s CEO, Marcia Wieder is a long established thought leader on visionary thinking and Founder of The Meaning InstituteMaking Your Dreams Come True14,253,082 16,6761283,

91Marcus BuckinghamBritish author, motivational speaker and business consultant. He promotes a focus on strengths instead of weaknesses.55First, Break All the Rules208,199 29,39463,68151,

194Mari SmithPremier Facebook Marketing Expert, Social Media Thought Leader, Public Speaker, Author, Brand Evangelist for Wave Video, Columnist for Bank of America54The New Relationship Marketing652,155 215,138271585,

34Marianne WilliamsonSpiritual activist, author of 9 books, lecturer and founder of The Peace Alliance68A Return to Love285,142 769,80046,9172,601,

359Marie DiamondInternationally known Feng Shui Master, personal and business mentorThe Very Simple Law of Attraction1,974,276 6,661317,

121Marie ForleoAmerican life coach, motivational speaker, author and web television host. Owner of Marie Forleo International, B-School and MarieTV.45Make Every Man Want You60,080 547,2971,304206,

230Marilyn HickeyBorn in 1931. Despite her age, she still continues to inspire people as a motivational speaker.89Breaking Generational Curses2,043,035 422,70040117,

272Marisa PeerBritain’s best psycho-therapist and leading motivational speaker, also best-selling author of 4 books.63You Can Be Thin197,911 12,2473717,

229Mark DivineFounder, Pres & CEO at US Tactical and SEALFIT57The Way of SEAL347,455 6,6463,55517,

206Mark SanbornEntrepreneur, author, and a motivational speaker who managed to inspire people to maximize their capabilities. 44The Fred Factor1,311,861 10,4537,63326,

293Mark WaldmanBrain researcher.Neurowisdom2,866,848 7,3341,7782,

48Mark Hyman, M.D.10X NY Times bestseller. Dedicated to transforming healthcare. Tackling the root causes of chronic illness through functional medicine. THRIVE!61The Blood Sugar Solution93,307 645,54918,530165,

70Mark SissonFormer elite runner-triathlete, author of The Primal Blueprint, blogger.67The Primal Blueprint52,334 212,94516,734128,

87Mark Victor HansenAmerica's Ambassador of Possibility. Speaker, trainer and author. Best known as co-creator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series.73The One Minute Millionaire4,263,086 162,005136,45967,

300Marshall SylverMotivational speaker, author, and performance hypnotist who works primarily in Las Vegas.58Passion Profit Power1,304,183 21,7213948,

123Marshall GoldsmithCoach, Speaker, Author and Professor of Management Practice at Dartmouth Tuck71What Got You Here Won't Get You There842,547 36,26429,47648,

103Martha BeckAmerican sociologist, life coach, author, speaker who specializes in helping individuals and groups achieve personal and professional goals.58Expecting Adam509,744 101,67223,00948,

448Martin RutteDynamic, international speaker and consultant on spirituality in the workplaceProject Heaven on Earth0

279Mary MorrisseyInternational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, DreamBuilder, Author of "Stronger Than Circumstances"71The Miracle Minute 459,462 104,2732411,

252Matt KahnAuthor of the best-selling books, piritual teacher, and healer who has become a YouTube sensation.Whatever Arises, Love That1,032,008 129,3485773,

441Matt RiemannLeading Future Health Expert & Revolutionist in Personalized Health & Medicine0 1,59645,

419Matt WeinsteinFounder and "Emperor" of Playfair, Inc., an international consulting firm based in Berkeley, CaliforniaDogs Don't Bite When a Growl Will Do1,361,055

148Matt MorrisNetwork Marketing Leader, International Speaker, Bestselling Author, MLM Trainer, Millionaire Creator44The Unemployed Millionaire279,025 615,086539926,

243Matthew SyedJournalist, author, broadcaster, and speaker.50Bounce2,848,393 1,54810,10573,

129Matthieu RicardBuddhist monk, photographer and author75Happiness635,022 185,56310,45722,

23Maya AngelouPoet, educator, historian, best-selling author, actress, civil-rights activist, producer and director.I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings1,487,071 5,650,697452,234610,

94Melissa HartwigNYT bestselling author and co-creator of the original Whole30 program.47The Whole3066,256 47,76538,72519,

315Michael GelbCreativity, Innovation, Leadership68How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci0 1,7136,0503,

75Michael HyattVirtual mentor, bestselling author, founder and CEO of Michael Hyatt & Company.65Platform74,206 301,32010,036285,

33Michael PollanAuthor of a number of New York Times best-selling books on nutrition.66The Omnivore's Dilemma339,877 205,807384,835544,

117Michael BeckwithFounder and Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center, author of Spiritual Liberation and originator of the Life Visioning Process64Spiritual Liberation527,936 528,6416,00054,

226Michael SingerFormer CEO of public company WebMD, a bestselling author, a meditation center founder, and a former software programmer73The Untethered Soul & The Surrender Experiment 747,811 3,83832,

311Michelle GielanNational CBS News anchor turned positive psychology researcher.42Broadcasting Happiness5,264,794 23,1284015,

389Michelle SegarMotivation and behavioral sustainability scientist and author of No Sweat!No Sweat7,572,081 1107281,

115Mike DooleyNYT best-selling author, New Thought leader, and creator of the wildly popular “Notes from the Universe”60Infinite Possibilities178,458 280,2456,33241,

290Mike MahlerStrength trainer and hormone optimization researcher.Live Life Aggressively!1,153,184 9,74518143,

407Mike RayburnTwo TED Talks. Innovation & Performance keynote delivered w / wild guitar, comedyWhat If...?10,552,979 5,42972,

340Mike VistelEntrepreneur. Author. YouTuber. Crypto InvestorThe Lazy Man's Guide To Living The Good Life602,897 34,

163MJ DeMarcoThe "get rich slow" anti-guru.The Millionaire Fastlane2,258,196 155,5727,58519,

100Napoleon HillMentee of Andrew Carnegie. Author and impresario from the new thought tradition of the 20th century to become an early producer of personal-success literature.Think And Grow Rich743,273 48,509182,8388,

414Natalie LedwellBestselling author, host of The Inspiration Show and co-founder of Mind MoviesNever In Your Wildest Dreams5,291,375 2,

236Nathaniel BrandenHis mission is to inspire readers to honor their life and happiness.Six Pillars of Self-Esteem 2,893,736 5,58622,6641,

78Neal BarnardFounder and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine67Power Foods for the Brain180,961 195,01720,67859,

46Neale Donald WalschUkrainian American author and channeler of the 10 book series Conversations with God77Conversations with God1,022,247 668,43980,242155,

284Neil FioreSpecialist in productivity and sucess The Now Habit2,171,050 26912,

139Neil PasrichaAuthor of 3 #1 bestsellers, TED Speaker, Dir. of Institute for Global Happiness.41The Book of Awesome2,500,569 107,55716,29730,

20Nelson MandelaAnti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, philanthropist, and former President of South Africa.Long Walk to Freedom248,434 7,964,56964,3841,594,

65Nick VujicicAustralian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker born with phocomelia, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of legs and arms.38Life Without Limits701,983 9,421,60510,395426,

460Nicole BrandonCEO and Founder of "Artistry In Motion, A.I.M. for Excellence Inc.0

181Norman Vincent PealeMinister and author (most notably of The Power of Positive Thinking) and a progenitor of the theory of "positive thinkingThe Power of Positive Thinking1,223,677 9,40472,

138Og MandinoAugustine "Og" Mandino II was an American author who's books sold over 50 million copies.The Greatest Salesman in the World3,543,254 72,93569,1923,

18Oprah WinfreyAmerican media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist.67What I Know For Sure26,287 12,158,37025,93141,878,

375Orison Swett MardenAmerican inspirational author who wrote about achieving success in life and founded SUCCESS magazine in 1897.An Iron Will1,5521,38929

212Panache DesaiNamed a Contemporary Thought Leader by Oprah, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Life & Business CatalystDiscovering Your Soul Signature2,281,291 520,25650737,

344Patrick McKeownWorld acclaimed Buteyko breathing practitioner & best selling author.77The Oxygen Advantage3,105,555 2,

169Patrick Bet-DavidCreator of Valuetainment on Youtube | Author of 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible | CEO of PHP Agency, Inc. | Startup Entrepreneur Coach and Mentor.42Doing The Impossible148,672 426,54045074,

178Patrick LencioniBest-selling author of several business books including The Five Dysfunctions of Team, and sought after speaker and consultant.58The Five Dysfunctions of a Team414,293 0166,56456,

355Patty AuberyPresident of The Canfield Training Group & #1 NY Times bestseller55Chicken Soup for the Sister's Soul6,943,702 2,9041,

310Paul ScheelePh.D. in Leadership & Change, International Author & Consultant, Leader of Transformational Human DevelopmentPhotoreading124,620 1,

426Paul GilmartinAmerican stand up comedian, television personality and host of The Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast.58------866,324 1,47915,

145Paul McKennaEnglish hypnotist, television broadcaster and an author of self-help books.57I Can Make You Thin1,550,957 115,9775,394327,

1Paulo CoelhoBrazilian lyricist and novelist73The Alchemist 223,839 29,244,0562,612,99715,273,

420Peggy CappyYoga instructor and founder of Gentle Stretch YogaYoga for All of Us15,767,554 2,

62Pema ChodronAmerican Buddhist nun and teacher.84When Things Fall Apart1,550,031 714,86386,89531,

83Pete CarrollSeattle Seahawks football team head coach. All about helping people be the best they can be. Always Compete69Win Forever!676,071 637,0038,1092,272,

409Pete BissonetteLong-time president of Learning Strategies, a Minnesota-based developer of programs Breakfast Tea & Bourbon 140,658

305Peter SimsBestselling author, founder & CEO of Parliament, inc., and a founder of BLK SHP.Little Bets7,814,766 9554,7227,

106Peter DiamandisEngineer, physician, entrepreneur. Founder and chairman of the X Prize Foundation, co-founder and executive chairman of Singularity University.59Abundance176,126 47,26616,398115,

223Peter SageExtreme Entrepreneur, World Class Speaker, Executive Coach48The Inside Track2,015,277 134,355313,

270Phil StutzInspiring you to live life in forward motionThe Tools2,283,705 7,7632,5705,

25Phil McGrawPhillip McGraw, best known as Dr. Phil, is an American television personality, psychologist, author and host of the tv-show Dr. Phil. 70Self Matters76,457 4,444,22427,8491,386,

266Phil TownBestselling author & founder of Rule #1 Investing72Rule #185,717 4931,9779,

463Phyllis HaynesOn air broadcast veteran in network news and public affairs reportingSuccess Simplified0

452Pierre SorninFrench personal-development coach and speaker.0 3,

41Ram DassOne of America's most beloved spiritual figures, giving teachings and loving service, harmonious business practices, and conscious care for the dying.89Be Here Now176,002 520,77232,700186,

104Ramit SethiCEO & author of New York Times bestseller, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. 1 million readers on business, money, careers, psychology38I Will Teach You to Be Rich38,757 24,91516,592143,

173Randy Paul G GageAmerican author and motivational speaker who writes self-help books and lectures on the subjects of success and prosperity.61Why You're Dumb, Sick and Broke...and How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich! 951,794 152,2291,583167,

454Ray BlanchardLeading trainer, designer, corporate consultant and founder of Blanchard Consulting Group, LLCThe Art and Science of Success0 54701,

82Ray DalioFounder of Bridgewater Associates, author of #1 New York Times bestseller 'Principles,' professional mistake maker71Principles138,356 127,96615,634224,

316Raymond AaronAuthor of a total of 10 books including Double Your Income Doing What You Love and Branding Small Business For Dummies.Double Your Income Doing What You Love2,842,153 11,0645880,612

422Raz IngrasciPresident and CEO of the Hoffman Institute and Quadrinity Process Teacher602,048 5,1471,

339Regan HillyerMindset coach, serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and former model from New Zealand.31Be Your Brand1,447,345 13,9031017,

45Rhonda ByrneAustralian television writer and producer, best known for her New Thought works, The Secret —a book and a film by the same name.75The Secret (The Secret #1)99,225 205,397330,07513,

227Richard KochAuthor of books about the Pareto principle.70The 80/20 Principlet1,877,304 3,22519,6704,

183Richard BandlerSelf-help author and trainer. Best known as co-creator of NLP, a methodology to understand and change human behavior-patterns.71Frogs Into Princes 830,349 60,0417,2736,

9Richard BransonFounder of the Virgin Group, billionaire, tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes.70Losing My Virginity44,929 3,181,41068,55712,470,

312Richie NortonEntrepreneur, speaker, and international business development consultant.The Power of Starting Something Stupid3,085,042 8,3157126,

107Rick HansonPsychologist, New York Times best-selling author, and therapist.68Buddha's Brain329,858 626,41612,8117,

444Rinaldo BrutocoFounding President of the World Business Academy, frequent public speaker and prolific author on renewable energy74Lift Off1,942,568 2,

141Rip EsselstynBecome bulletproof to Western disease.57The Engine 2 Diet603,987 162,4754,78253,

81Robert CialdiniThe Godfather of Influence—President of INFLUENCE AT WORK & bestselling author.75Influence443,733 96,96486,28031,

392Robert PengWorld-renowned Qigong Master, healer, and author of The Master Key.The Master Key1,661,130 2,

400Robert RichmanCulture Architect and Keynote speaker. Author of The Culture Blueprint.The Culture Blueprint5,737,576 5663418,

242Robert BetzGerman equivalent of Deepak Chopra or Eckhart Tolle with seminars and bestselling books on how to transform your life and regain happiness.67Willst du normal sein oder glücklich?230,606 273,3272492,

199Robert G. AllenSerial entrepreneur and teacher on how to achieve extraordinary success and financial freedom through multiple streams of income.72Multiple Streams of Income10,694,435 20,89514,50136,

112Robert GreeneBestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, and The Laws of Human Nature61The 48 Laws of Power852,484 9,759108,358165,

3Robert KiyosakiReal estate investor, entrepreneur, financial education advocate, and author of the "Rich Dad" series.73Rich Dad, Poor Dad51,272 4,069,643357,1071,188,

8Robin SharmaCanadian #1 bestselling author of "The Leader Who Had No Title" + Founder of The Titan Academy + Humanitarian55The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari86,655 4,207,522127,176585,

399Roger CrawfordBest selling author and Hall of Fame speaker on Center Stage.60How High Can You Bounce?5,418,017 4,

218Roger HamiltonSocial Entrepreneur, Futurist, Creator of Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute52The Millionaire Master Plan3,340,828 162,2904031,080,

333Rory VadenSelf-discipline strategist38Take the Stairs962,55619,

402Roxanne EmmerichFounder, CEO and President of Emmerich Financial, the leading culture transformation consulting firm for community banks61Thank God It's Monday!12,320,517 7831122,

248Russ HarrisMedical Practitioner , Psychotherapist and Executive Coach.58 The Happiness Trap734,496 4,3928,4861,

122Russell Simmons4th richest hip hop entrepreneur, former owner of label Def Jam.63Success Through Stillnessi7,845,002 2,808,1714,4574,732,

71Ryan HolidayProminent writer on strategy and business.33The Obstacle Is the Way199,127 45,46467,447246,

418Ryan ScribnerFinancial Expert, Blogger and Youtuber717,707 3,6293,

358Sadhvi SaraswatiPresident, Divine Shakti Foundation, Secretary-General, Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, & DirectorBy God's Grace3,628,710 36,37817,

15Sam HarrisAmerican non-fiction writer against dogmatic religious belief, philosopher, neuroscientist, co-founder and the CEO of Project Reason.53Letter to a Christian Nation41,455 535,823154,2361,173,

366Sam HornIntrigue Expert, a world-renowned Author, Keynote Speaker and communications strategist.Tongue Fu!5,129,548 01,16714,

297Sandra YanceyCEO & Founder of eWomenNetwork, an international network for women in businessSucceeding In Spite of Everything4,488,137 147,6761752,

424Sandra BiskindSpiritual teacher, international speaker, transformational mentor and #1 bestselling co-author of the Codebreaker Platinum SeriesAWARENESS7,218,951 8,

396Sandra JosephBroadway gal turned keynote speaker/singer & Author of Unmasking What MattersUnmasking What Matters9,737,953 2,7391631,

368Sandy ForsterAward winning entreprenuer, international speaker, mentor & bestselling author.How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST0 16,256613,

44Scott AdamsDilbert cartoonist59How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big9,049 201,28862,43364,

472Scott CoadyFounder and Executive Director of the Institute for Embodied Wisdom0

468Scott deMoulinSpeaker, trainer and consultant in the fields of personal and professional achievement8,630,476

427Scott GreenbergKnown for his high-energy presentations on leadership and peak performance mindset.The Sandbags and the Fire15,533,425 3,28451,

197Sean StephensonAmerican therapist, self-help author and motivational speaker. Because he was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, Stephenson stands three feet tall, has fragile bones, and uses a wheelchair.41Get Off Your "But"2,195,285 915,24293117,

28Seth GodinAuthor, blogger, a lifetime of projects.60Purple Cow295,488 382,902195,027672,

265Shad HelmstetterPioneer in the field of self-talk and author78What to Say When You Talk to Yourself 5,173,555 5,57410,

202Shane SnowJournalist, geek, entrepreneur and Chief Creative Officer of Contently.Smartcuts775,325 30,5024,86415,

241Sharon BegleyAuthor of a book about emotions and the brain60Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain7,313,463 13,8477,89812,

364Shawn PhillipsStrength and fitness expert who has helped athletes, celebrities, and tens of thousands of others over the past 20 years.Strength for Life0 8,6261576,

210Shawn StevensonBestselling author, speaker, nutritionist and strength coach.Sleep Smarter450,956 26,6292,90810,

124Shawn AchorHappiness Researcher, Author, Speaker and is one of the world’s leading experts on human potential.42The Happiness Advantage1,477,985 87,60521,40653,

442Shelly LefkoeCo-founder and President of the Lefkoe Institute, and the founder and Parenting the Lefkoeway1,503,280 039,

383Sheri SalataChief Visionary-The Pillar Life, Cohost-"The Sheri + Nancy Show" & Cofounder- Orange Dragon Productions 61The Beautiful No2,855,243 12,3270110,

120Shiv KheraIndian author of self-help books, including You Can Win, and an activist.59You Can Win759,569 216,58815,42820,

338Sian BeilockA cognitive scientist who studies why people choke under pressure and how to fix it.45Choke11,783,800 3,4499734,

22Simon SinekSimon Oliver Sinek is a British-American author and motivational speaker. He is the author of five books, including Start With Why and The Infinite Game.47Start with Why119,151 1,348,50292,646534,

412Smiljan MoriMotivational speaker, business and life coach from Slovenia. Also known as 'Mr. MotivAction' and the 'Tony Robbins of Eastern Europe'.48Vi ste vaša uvjerenja3,375,455 5,

289Sonia Ricotti#1 Bestselling author, inspirational speaker, radio host, and President of Lead Out Loud.55The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple2,214,218 50,8273942,

109Sonia ChoquetteNY Time's bestselling author, Six Sensory transformational teacher & vibrational healer. Spread good vibes one person at a time.63Trust Your Vibes440,204 290,2039,66361,

303Sonja LyubomirskyProfessor who studies happiness54The How of Happiness1,223,949 7,6503,

353Srikumar RaoSpeaker, author, former business school professor and creator of Creativity and Personal Mastery69Happiness at Work1,463,633 2,0232552,

329Srini PillayWorld-renowned Harvard-trained psychiatrist, executive coach and brain researcherTinker Dabble Doodle Try15,279,458 12,99020716,

443Stacey McKenzieTop Model, Motivational Speaker, TV Personality & Founder of W alk This Way Workshops & The Walk Camp480 2,82517,

222Stefan James Pylarinos7-figure internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, fitness enthusiast, and world traveler.34Kindle Money Mastery96,772 136,90322210,

376Stefan MerathAuthor and coach from Germany who helped more than 10,000 entrepreneurs improve their lives and business.57Der Weg zum erfolgreichen Unternehmer1,022,880 1,

13Stephen CoveyAmerican educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker.The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People101,333 443,176524,495578,

398Stephen DinanInternationally known Feng Shui Master, personal and business mentor50Sacred America, Sacred World17,110,467 2,962476,

238Stephen M.R. CoveyNY Times & #1 WSJ bestselling author of The Speed of Trust, Speaker & Co-founder of CoveyLinkThe Speed of Trust3,581,618 3,01317,42612,

267Steve ChandlerHelps people transform lives and businesses76100 Ways to Motivate Yourself7,145,114 6,2829,0712,

259Steve FarberPresident of Extreme Leadership, Inc. and founder of The Extreme Leadership InstituteThe Radical Leap2,261,812 13,5091,60416,

450Steve D'AnnunzioAuthor and co-creator of many books, businesses, and artistic projectsThe Prosperity Paradigm0

245Steve PavlinaAmerican self-help author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur.49Personal Development for Smart People133,999 4,9004,7871,

95Steven PressfieldAmerican author of historical fiction, non-fiction, and screenplays.77The War of Art494,131 30,372128,81328,

187Steven KotlerAuthor. Cofounder and Director of Research Flow Genome Project. Gravity Lover.53Stealing Fire2,045,273 6,75522,81721,

421Stewart EmeryEntrepreneur, executive coach and leader, and is considered one of the fathers of the Human Potential Movement80Now You're Thinking!0

475Susan BudingerFounding Director of The Rodel Foundations0

365Susan Wilson SolovicExpert on Small Businesses, award-winning entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, media personality and attorney.62It's Your Biz8,125,381 2,77513421,

55Suze OrmanEmmy Award Winning TV Show Host, Number One NYTimes Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Personal Finance Expert69The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke237,725 327,50819,4291,458,

370Sydney BanksScottish philosopher, author and lecturer.The Enlightened Gardener2,186,621 1,

38T. Harv EkerAuthor, businessman and motivational speaker known for his theories on wealth and motivation.66Secrets of the Millionaire Mind149,643 794,33735,009131,

131Tai LopezRead over 5,000 books and started one of the world’s largest book clubs. Also investor, partner, consultant, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.4367 Steps Program21,160 6,347,311141710,

224Tal Ben-ShaharHelps people "bring happiness to life."51Happier775,708 20,2267,3431,

262Tana AmenNutrition expert, nurse, mother, black belt and wellness blogger.52The Omni Diet1,153,571 53,8726244,

382Terry HawkinsAward-winning speaker, entrepreneur, best selling author and founder/owner 59 Why Wait to Be Great?16,020,015 4,478519,

17Thich Nhat HanhVietnamese Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet and peace activist who now lives in France where he was in exile for many years.94Peace Is Every Step215,892 1,706,775168,035434,

332Thomas SternerSpeaker and author of The Practicing Mind68The Practicing Mind11,932,382 6795,

343Thomas CampbellFormer NASA physicist, international lecturer, consciousness researcher, and author of My Big TOE (theory of everything)76My Big TOE - The Complete Trilogy 825,064 2,

208Thomas StanleyHe was an American writer and business theorist.The Millionaire Next Door3,106,973 1,40959,75813,

217Tim SandersMore than a keynote speaker.59Love Is the Killer App5,006,613 9,09510,24535,

16Tim FerrissAuthor of 3 #1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers. Investor, host of The Tim Ferriss Experiment and Tim Ferriss Show podcast, life hacker.43The 4-Hour Workweek228,671 944,346174,3761,572,

258Todd HenryAccidental Creative founder + author of "Louder Than Words"The Accidental Creative2,026,258 3,0685,55715,

207Tom FerryAmerican motivational speaker, self-help author, investor, and founder of a real estate coaching. and events company, Tom Ferry - Your Coach. Life! By Design126,235 180,05914948,

331Tom MorrisOne of the world's top motivators and pioneering business thinkers.Superheroes and Philosophy5,465,045 2702,3436,

275Tom BilyeuCo-founder of Quest Nutrition, Creator of Inside Quest, CEO and Host of Impact Theory.44------179,948 984,60045,

469Tom McCarthyInternationally recognized thought leader in the areas of Leadership, Communication and Peak Performance0 01,

152Tom RathResearcher and writer of 7 non-fiction books, 2 children’s books, and producer of new film about health and well-being: 46Strengths Finder 2.02,133,317 4,18765,956129,

179Tony GaskinsMotivational speaker, author and life coach.36Mrs. Right2,884,196 1,745,684540319,

177Tony HortonAmerican personal trainer, author, and former actor. Best known as the creator of P90X62The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life1,978,467 408,082991176,

5Tony RobbinsNot your guru but father of the life coaching industry, #1 NYT best-selling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.61Awaken the Giant Within26,550 3,756,34497,9333,045,

380Travis MacySpeaker, author, coach, and professional endurance athlete.The Ultra Mindset3,637,183 5954071,

433Troy BasshamMental coach for golfersAttainment7,666,225

474Tyson YoungLogistics Supervisor for the Transformational Leadership Council, and has been supporting the TLC events since 20050 027#

291Vadim ZelandContemporary Russian mystic, author and writerReality Transurfing 12,168,954 3,5424,

201Valorie BurtonEntrepreneur, life coach, and motivational speaker.48 Successful Women Think Differently3,967,208 476,6191,46520,

257Verne Harnish"The Growth Guy". Founder of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) and his consulting company Gazelles.54Mastering the Rockefeller Habits271,680 1,6872,63914,

379Veronica de AndresWorld renowned educator, coach, keynote speaker, best-selling author and a specialist in personal growth and motivationConfianza Total, para vivir mejor1,425,486 2,421631,

172Vishen LakhianiEntrepreneur, author, and speaker. Founder and CEO of Mindvalley, host of A-Fest. Pushing humanity forward and fighting brules.45The Code of the Extraordinary Mind1,649,085 180,8503,54733,

446Vivian GlyckFounder of Just Like My Child Foundation that she started following the birth of her sonHow to Change the World While You Work2,804,626

393Waldo WaldmanAmerican author, leadership consultant, and the founder of The Wingman Foundation on top of his role as motivational speaker.Never Fly Solo 7,394,849 3,4582710,

371Walter BondRecognized as one of the world’s preeminent experts on sales, motivation, and leadership, 52All Buts Stink!3,701,158 7,539463,

27Warren BuffettAmerican business magnate, investor, philanthropist and second wealthist person in the USA.90The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America90,481 779,79659,7961,485,

24Wayne DyerInternationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development + spiritual growth. Author of over 40 books incl. 21 NYTimes bestsellersThe Power of Intention495,201 3,089,437131,799549,

234Will BowenA catalyst for positive transformation.A Complaint Free World880,429 44,1942,9502,

341William Clement StoneBusinessman, philanthropist and New Thought self-help book author.Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude0 1,4837,0440#

471Willson LinChairman of Doers Group, Director of China's Education and Training Development Association & co-founder of Mandal Training Program14,548,414

158Wim HofMotivational speaker, coach, teacher, athlete, writer, painter, father, human being. Also known as "The Iceman"61The Way of The Iceman45,114 171,4661,05046,

306 Yanik SilverEntrepreneur, author, digital marketing expert, founder of Maverick Business Adventures, an invitation-only club for high net worth and adventurous entrepreneurs47Moonlighting on the Internet2,668,332 11,25316729,

282Yossi GhinsbergKnown for being an entrepreneur, author, humanitarian and an adventurer. 61Jungle2,505,487 3,2573,9503,

428Zen Cryar DeBruckeInspirational teacher and speaker and the co-founder of Smart Soul AcademyYour Inner GPS6,039,601 590112,

30Zig ZiglarWorldwide Motivator. Providing Hope,Teaching Lifeskills & Mentoring Millions.See You at the Top 509,806 4,740,05664,245259,